Eliminate Confusion
& Clear Mental Fatigue
in 3 Easy Steps


This Quick and Easy Free Guide will:

- Clear up the mental clutter that keeps you in a spin

- Get clear on what is really important vs busy-work

- Identify where and how to set boundaries
                   that will keep you on track!


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Amanda’s 30-year career has had a profound impact on the many clients she’s helped, but how she does this work is genuinely something to be experienced to be understood.

“I am living a life now that I always dreamed of but just couldn't figure out "how" to get there - Amanda helped lead the way!”

- Emily Thompson

What she can help with...

Amanda uses a very powerful and effective combination of her experience, training, and intuition to help people gain control of their life and manifest happiness on all fronts. She can help you: 

1. Improve your relationships with the people you love.

2. Take back control of your emotional, physical and spiritual health.

3. Stop repeating the same self-destructive patterns that are sabotaging your health, relationships, and career.

4. Find your passion if you are someone who wants to love what you do, and wants to make a life, not just a living.

5. Find your purpose if you feel called to do something more than you are right now, but are not sure how and what.

About Amanda

Intuitive Strategist for Life and Business

Amanda combines a unique intuitive gift, a passion for business and a love for teaching how to manifest the life you really want.