Are You Living The Life You Really Want?

  • Do you feel like you are being called to Higher Service but aren’t sure what it is?
  • Is there a voice inside of you yearning to be released?
  • Are you looking for a way to release the blocks and really embrace your connection to Spirit?
  • Do you wish there was someone out there to show you the way? Someone who could really see the shining spirit you really are?

These are all questions I have searched for answers to. Gratefully because I asked and believed I could find the answers I did. I found a way to use my gifts to serve, I found mentors to show me the way and I released a lot of fears and blocks along the way.

I could not have done it alone, and, we are not meant to be doing it alone.

Hi, my name is Amanda Maynard, I am a Spiritual Life Coach , Author and Trainer, and I have turned my search into my passion; helping others to reconnect with themselves in a way that re-ignites their passion for life. I bring compassion, love, non-judgement and a willingness to push you past your fears with my unique “Embrace the Change, Embrace Your Life” system.

This unique process gives you the benefit of my journey of self discovery and gives you the tools to leapfrog your way through change. It is a combination of life experience, coaching skill and intuitive insight that helps you identify and interrupt negative patterns; release self sabotage blocks and embrace your full light. Through this process you will be guided to free yourself from the overwhelm, clear doubts of action that no longer support you and help you craft a new path based on your own values and desires.”
Here are the powerful or the 8 powerful steps of the ““Embrace the Change, Embrace Your LifeSystem:

Step 1: Creating A Safe Space

Here is where we assess your current situation, identify where you would ideally like to be and together we map out a path of how we are going to get there using my unique energy-based process that allows this to be easier for you than your mind will currently allow you to imagine.

Step 2: Rewire your energy

Our energy patterns are based on our thought patterns. I work with you to get your energy in alignment so you can feel energized both in body and mind. From this place of alignment you will experience a release and flow that will have you feeling inspired, excited and feeling better physically, mentally and spiritually than you have in years.

Step 3: See Your Story

Now that we have established an energy of safety and have created an incredible alignment for you we are able to step into the powerful process of Seeing Your Story. This step is about understanding the underlying patterns that lead to your crisis points. We work together to create new more empowering stories around these patterns and put them into practice so that you can…see the unique gifts that you have polished and use these gifts to craft a new energized vision that pulls you into being your greatest you.

Step 4: Feel the release

Now that you’ve been able to realign your energy and see your stories from more empowering places you will feel the release of old stagnant energy. You feel lighter, more optimistic and empowered. From this new place of really feeling your freedom we are able to move into some strong powerful experiences and manifestations

Step 5: Make the choice to set new boundaries

Here, in this step, is where you learn to stop living by default and live by choice. You start to empower yourself to make decisions that better serve you and those around you. You learn to let go of what is no longer serving you. This is a life-changing process that you will use again and again … experiencing the continuous rewards and riches that are brought to you as a result.

Step 6: Learn Techniques to Self-Heal™

Here you learn how to be guaranteed to be able to continue this work after our work together is complete. You will learn how to deal with patterns and emotional blocks on an ongoing basis so you do not have to repeat experiences that lead to self destruction and sabotage.

Step 7: Step up into your highest self

Imagine being free and exited to explore your life from a deeper more spiritual space? Here we open you to connect with spirit as a daily part of your life. You discover you are no longer separate but part of a greater whole and when you do this

  • you allow yourself to expand far beyond what you can even imagine today
  • you let go of the feeling of being on this journey alone
  • you tap into sources of energy that allow you to manifest and create at warp speed
  • You step into a flow of energy that allows you to see and feel Love in every aspect of your life

Step 8: Receive ongoing support for continuous growth (That’s more joy and success for you!)

As you release old stories you start to see new possibilities opening up for you. Old dreams get dusted off, new dreams get born. Your energy is free to move and allow you to create new. Your life is no longer stagnant. Here I support you in Embracing your full potential and exploring possibilities.

We will continue to work on mindset, patterns and releasing old emotional stories.

My clients have:

  • improved personal relationships (found relationships, renewed relationships)
  • a greater sense of well-being and connectedness with themselves
  • designed and implemented plans for career and business changes
  • found ways to put Balance back in their lives
  • removed the blocks that have been getting in their way
  • Improved their health and wellbeing
  • made more money in their businesses
  • started new business ventures
  • found their passion for their lives
  • moved forward in their lives
  • really opened up their connection with themselves and their inner wisdom.


I look forward to connecting with each of you who are drawn to working with me to help you reach your next step.



What Richard Bliss Brooke, author of “Mach II: With Your Hair On Fire,” has to say about Amanda…

I first experienced Amanda as a participant in one of my three day Vision Workshops. She was a standout student with her vulnerability and commitment to insight and breakthroughs. After this workshop she organized and hosted a 3 day with 75 people. Her impact in changing other lives began with that.Amanda and I have been friends and coaches for each other since those days many years ago. Her path has been a challenging one….one she has embraced with courage, a passion for her own extraordinary growth and love.Today she has created her own coaching and seminar sanctuary for other passionate souls committed to a life of personal growth and inspiration to others. Her powerful gifts of intuition, listening and asking heartfelt probing questions have led many others to discover their own gifts and power. She is a constant source of inspiration to me and for all of us that know her well and constant source of joy and laughter.

I love you Amanda and love your spiritual courageous path.

Richard Bliss Brooke

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